Patients First, Improve The Lives.

Cultivating the humanity and liberty,
Realize the open innovation,
Generate proof-of concept clinical data.



Aston Sci. is a clinical stage company, based South Korea.
Aston Sci. strives to innovate the paradigm of drug development
based on the open innovation, in oncology, CNS disease, and geriatric medicine.
Aston Sci. has been focusing on generating compelling proof of concept clinical data of investigational drugs.

Our company strives to innovate the medicine to improve patient’s lives.



  • Hun Jung, MD. PhD.

    Sr. Clinical Director
    Chief Executive Officer

    Hun Jung, M.D./Ph.D., has served as Chief Executive Officer of Aston Sci., along with sitting on the founder and the Board of Directors, since Oct. 2018. Dr. Jung brings to Aston Sci. more than 19 years of clinical experience, including nearly 9 years in the pharmaceutical industry leading translational research, clinical development, and medical affairs of oncology drug. Dr. Jung founded Aston Sci. with enriched experiences of MSD (Merck & Co.) and Samsung Bioepis. As a clinician of general surgery at Catholic Medical Center and Samsung Medical Center, Dr. Jung conducted preclinical and clinical researches in GI oncology. Prior to that, he was a general surgery resident at College of Medicine, the Catholic University of Korea. Also, he has been continuously contributing his efforts in activities of oncology medical societies.

  • Harry Hunwoo Shin, PhD.

    VP, Chief Business Officer
    Head of R&D center

    Harry Hunwoo Shin,. Before joining Aston Science, Harry served MSD (Merck in USA) for 3 years as business development director to scout and develop business development opportunities for pharmaceutical pipelines sprouting from Korea. Previously, Harry worked at Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) for 2.5 years as a exec. consultant to facilitate global licensing deal for Korean companies’ pipelines. Before joining KHIDI, Harry worked at SK Bio-Pharm (NJ/Korea) for 18 years as a medicinal chemist, research program director and business development director.


  • Eunkyo Joung, MD.

    Clinical Director

  • Jiyun Lee, MPH.

    Clinical Project Director

  • Minji Yu

    Clinical Project Manager

  • Eunsun Kwon

    Business Development Director

  • Jung Yim

    Executive Administrator

  • Ashley Youngmin Kim

    External Project Manager

  • Byungmin Kim

    Company Operation Director

  • Hyohyun Park, PhD.

    Principal Research Scientist


  • Hun Jung, MD

  • Harry Shin, PhD

  • HaeMyoung Jeon, MD

  • MinSeop Song


  • Hun Jung, MD

  • Harry Shin, PhD

  • Jihyun Kim, MD

  • Cwangkwang Chung

  • Ilboo Kim

  • Yeojin Jung